Visiting the Marulli Winery in Copertino

The Marulli Winery has its headquarters in Copertino, in the heart of the Salento Wine Estate. The streets full of history that pass alongside the countryside dotted with dry stone walls, olive groves and vineyards as far as the eye can see. A campaign that smells of blackberries, figs, tobacco, olive trees and wine. Land of Saint Giuseppe from Copertino.                                               Vini vitivinicola Marulli A territory that of Copertino has always been devoted to agriculture, made up of farms, towers of dovecotes, ancient factories of tobacco, shelters for the laborers and finally the homes and villas of the noble Leccesi. A territory that has always exploited the richness of its red soil to produce the wonderful fruits that the earth could give. In this land, the daughter of labor and the sweat of the farmers are kept centuries-old vines cultivated in Pugliese sapling that can give the best wines produced with Negroamaro grapes. The Marulli Winery was founded in 1975 in Copertino, and for two generations, however, the family cultivated lives and produced good wine.

Today the company, still family-run, has about 20 hectares of vineyards and a production of just over 50,000 bottles. The quality of the wines produced by this company is the result of the location of the land and its composition, the favorable climate, but above all the deep attachment to the land and vine by Vito Marulli and the technical skills of the oenologist Francesca Marulli. Even with the use of modern winemaking techniques, Vito Marulli has maintained a spirit of traditional winemaker, scrupulous and attentive, lover of his work, with the constant aim of obtaining the maximum in qualitative terms and therefore producing wines of very high quality and of extraordinary elegance and refinement. From this winery are born exceptional wines like Menone, Tenuta Paraida rosso and Tenuta Paraida rosato, wines that have been able to win mentions and prizes around the various national and international wine producers.

Menone is the symbol of the company and its name derives from the famous Platonic dialogue on Virtue. And in fact this wine of virtue has so many because it is a rare, precious, austere wine, with a limited edition of 3000 bottles. It is produced from grapes harvested from a single vineyard made up of negroamaro plants cultivated in 80-year-old Apulian Alberello. So a wine obtained from a CRU in that of Copertino. A wine that with the 2012 vintage was able to conquer the first prize at Radici del Sud 2017. A pure Negroamaro that follows the Salentine tradition of preserving wines in cement tanks, a conservation technique that is gradually losing in time. Menone in fact is aged for 3 years in vitrified cement tanks and then ends its refinement in the bottle for another six months. Unfiltered wine, but only naturally decanted. Alcohol content of fourteen and a half.

Menone Negroamaro vitivinicola MarulliMenone shows a splendid, impenetrable ruby ​​red color with purple reflections in the glass. A rich bouquet of great naturalness that grants itself placidly to the smell by caressing it. with essences of small fruits of the undergrowth, ripe plum and cherry. And then again elegant spicy scents and pleasant floral fragrances. A powerful, fresh, round, full bodied, warm, tasty, deep and earthy sip enters the mouth, fascinating and balanced, austere and sumptuous. Airy palate, rhythmic, dynamic, calibrated and enjoyable.

Menone is a truly amazing wine, which exhibits a strong tannin that is not aggressive or opaque, but instead can be soft and tapered, as it is in the characteristic of negroamaro.The conclusion of the sip gives a long, persistent, pervasive and slightly bitter. Menone as all the negroamaro breed produced in Salento and in particular in the countryside of Copertino is a wine that can give its best even after a long period of storage in the bottle. Surely it is a wine that at present can give emotions even after a quarter of a century.

Tenuta Paraida Rosato Vitivinicola MarulliAnother wine that is the emblem of the winery is certainly the Tenuta Paraida Rosato. The name derives from the locality where the vineyard is located made up of Apulian sapling plants of more than 30 years, whose grapes give origin to this great rosé of Salento. These grapes are harvested at First ten days of September, slightly earlier than the normal harvesting temples to maintain the freshness and acidity of the characteristic bunches that will then be transferred to the final wine-making product. These grapes are left to macerate for about 7 hours enough time to obtain the right pink hue of the finished product. During fermentation the temperature is kept constant around 18 ° C.

Tenute Paraida Rosato is an exceptional wine already from the color that is presented in the glass which is of a fairly charged cherry rosé. The scent is fruity, floral and herbaceous with a good consistency in which you can identify hints of raspberries, pomegranate, citrus, quince, elderberry and myrtle flowers. In the background there are also sapid, mineral and chinato suadenze. On the palate it offers tantalizing and satisfying sensations of freshness, pulpy juiciness, good structure, appeal and a harmonious and elegant momentum. Final extension intriguing, pleasant, fluent and responsive. In short, an eclectic rosé that can be approached without any problem both on meat and on fish. In short, if you come to Salento for business or pleasure, take a trip to Copertino beautiful town of Salento and then passed by the Cantina di Vito Marulli, you can taste some really extraordinary wines.

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