Kreos The rosé of Salento top 20 for 2016 to Forbes

This article will not be the usual harping on the best rosé wine of Salento, in Italy and probably in the world in terms of value for money. In my humble opinion Kreos, rosé Castello Monaci offers a perfect and successful synthesis of color, brightness, intensity and freshness that offers a fragrant Provencal Rosé and complexity, persistence, flavor and balance the structure of a full-bodied Rosé Salentino of mold. This wine was added and listed by the expert reviewer of wines Nick Passmore among the 20 best rosé wines in the world to be enjoyed in the summer of 2016 of an article in May on the famous Forbes magazine Stars and Stripes. That a Rosato Salento can be considered among the best in the world also he explains another international wine expert. This time it is the journalist Edward Deitch NBC’s  and creator of the blog, which inserts Kreos synchronize that data in its list of the top 10 this year rosé by writing on Vinepair, a wine magazine online. Starting from now certified in this rosé wine KREOS_FORBESvalue and being here in Salento, choose between numerous labels of rosé by the workmanship and quality of the highest level, the question that I want to find an answer is why our rosé wines are not appreciated by the general public of connoisseurs and fans around the world. The characteristics of our rosé wines makes them absolutely suitable for consumption in any situation, even for the whole meal. Are wines suitable al’abbinameno of almost all dishes, from aperitifs and appetizers, first courses of fish, meat or vegetables. Seafood and fries, up to the second also important meat and fish. And in addition to this versatility also they have a clear identity and a lot of character, with their cherry-red color and a pushed olfactory persistence that rivals the most consumed red wine invecchiamamento. Sure miss the tannic charge of oak even if some label a few months spent in barrel starts to turn in the market. Now the French Rosé watered with their exhaust color and Buquet floral vacuous, dominate the market as dominate the ranking of our good Nick Passmore that with about 10 labels of 20 have the absolute primacy. Why???. Some Salentino winery has tried to venture on the road used by the French but we are sure that the alignment of our Rosè of the Salento tradition with lightness and volatility of Provence is the right way ??. The current demand of consumers we know is based on the local, the regional product that genuinely tells his story tied hand in glove with the land of origin. Perhaps simply has not yet invested enough to know our Rosè as has invested in recent years about the powerful red wines of Salento, Primitivo and Negroamaro. We need to increase the dissemination effort and presentation of our wines to the great national and international audience because probably the biggest limitation of our own wines Rosè is their absolute lack of visibility into the audience of wine consumers constantly looking for typical and territorial identity.

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