Visiting Garofano Vigne e Vigneti in Copertino’s Agro.

Azienda Monaci is located in the territory of Copertino, in the heart of Salento, where the red earth embraces the sky and looks toward the sea. Where the eye is matched with quaint expanses of vineyards and olive groves. Where the warm sun warms the soul and the wind of sunset sweeps the clouds and where the oenology tells stories of men and vineyards for more than 2,000 years it rises to one of the most authentic and sought after winegrowing wineries throughout Salento.

Azienda Monaci was born from an idea of ​​the famous Irpinian’s oenologist and Salentino of adoption Severino Garofano who with these words described his arrival on the land of Salento: “It was 1956 when I arrived in this region so famous, from whose large wine tank of ancient vines half Europe drew all that was needed to heal the anemies of many famous wines …

All the railroad was surrounded by impressive oenological establishments of big companies in Northern Italy … The musts then left all over with colossal rail tanks … He did not come to receive me, as he had promised me, that idleness and enlightened winegrower: “Cavaliere del Lavoro” Francesco Candido. He had invited me to visit his company in San Donaci to evaluate the possibility of collaborating for the management of his vines … “. In ’56 he settled in Puglia, beginning his great oenologist history able to make an unparalleled contribution to the image of the Salento and Apulian viticulture and the author of the renaissance of the most representative grape of this sub-region of Apulia Negroamaro. Thanks to his foresight and his hard work, a grape variety like Negroamaro, which has been voted for cutting grapes, has been able to produce wines of extreme

intensity, quality and delight. Today, his two sons Stefano and Renata Garofano carry forward with dedication and renewed impetus and with the same passion and expertise of their father, work in the vineyard and in the cellar giving to or to all, and carrying around the world unrivaled colors and flavors of Negroamaro and Salento. The wines currently produced from the grapes grown in Azienda Monaci are six: Le Braci, Eloquenzia and Girofle, 100% based Negroamaro; Le Briciole, white Malvasia and Chardonnay; Simpotica, based on Negroamaro and Montepulciano.

Le Braci is a sumptuous wine, at present the highest expression of the potential of the Negroamaro grape variety. It is a wine that is enveloping, intense, persistent, rich, giving a hot and persuasive embrace in your mouth. The power of Negroamaro made in elegance. An exclusive wine, for great occasions, to amaze guests and friends, but also a beautiful gift to be enjoyed from time to time. Eloquenzia is the pure power of the negroamaro, without frills, the classic wine that goes straight to the heart. Pungent, dry, acidic, fresh, loads, ruby ​​red color impenetrable, fascinates with its indomitable character.

Simpotica is the right way  between the two previous wines, round, balanced, soft enough, giving you perfectly balanced and sought after perfumes and flavors.

Being the Salento ground for excellent Rosè wines, it could not miss a great Rosè wine on the farm. Girofle is the Rosé of Garofano, which has derived its name from the Clove French translation “Clou Girofle ” a tribute due to its irresistible exotic scents and to a wine that can be one of the best rosé in the Salento. Numerous certificates and prizes received over the years by the wines of this company, which throughout its growth path have been able to keep up with technological innovation, both in vineyards and cellars, while keeping roots in a land that they know to express a tradition and a knowledge handed down from a millennial knowledge of viticulture.

If you go for a trip to Salento, besides the wonderful white sandy beaches, besides the unmissable Lecce, Otranto and Gallipoli, you can not go from Copertino to visit this cellar, where to welcome you there will be a wonderful offer of wonderful wines, maximum expression of the Negroamaro grape, the lovelier and cordial hospitality of Garofano Family.

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    Letto anche se in lingua ingle se. Conoscevo giá i loro vini. Sono anche io salentino, anche se non di sangue puro avendo origini ispaniche ed austriache. Ma perche lo hai pubblicato in lingua inglese?

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