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Salento has always been a crossroads of peoples and cultures, first with the colonies of Magna Grecia then with the millenary Roman culture, then Byzantines, Aragones, Svevi and finally Borboni. Every historical period has left indelible traces and has given to this area knowledge and traditions that have been trampled and guarded jealously for centuries. Wine in Italy and Europe has had its noble natives here. The cultivation of vines as well as the “Primitivo” variety was brought here by the Illyrians, while the winemaking techniques were learned from the Greeks and were subsequently improved in the Roman period. Salento was already produced millennia ago by the famous Merum or purple wine, fruit of the only fermentation and natural refinement, which differed from Garum which was a sophisticated wine with resins, honey and spices. Already in Roman times Salento was considered the Cantina d’Italia and the wines of Salento were already appreciated as Plinio il Vecchio and Orazio. This tradition continues today with the typical processing at Lacrima of Rosè wine of Salento, and with the vinification of sumptuous Red wines based on Primitivo and Negroamaro grape. Wines that have been placed on the international market for the past 10 years and have won thousands of awards and awards worldwide. The Salento wineries have brought production quality to the levels of the most renowned Italian regions such as Tuscany and Veneto Piedmont. Only has the largest selection of Salento wines at the cheapest prices on the web. We personally test each and every year of the labels you can find on our site to always offer you the best of Salento wines. Ask for advice or advice and we’ll let you know the label that’s right for you. The wines of Salento, although not yet known, are considered by the artisans and fans of the world the best Italian wines for value for money. So what do you expect to taste the best wines from all over Italy, look, choose and order.




Salentowineshop offers the most complete and richest collection of Salento wines. The Salento wines are from many years at the top of world enology with a production of quality wines and now undisputed excellence. Strong wines that express the whole of Salento character. D.O.C. red wines, elegant and rich in body and structure, produced from Primitivo and Negroamaro grapes such as Primitivo di Manduria and Salice Salentino. But also the real King grapes of Salento is Negroamaro, rediscovered and brought to its highest splendor by one of the world’s best oenologists Severino Garofano, father of modern Salento enology. Salento is also famous for its production of quality rosé wines. Traditional Salento rosè wines, considered the best rosé wines in the world, are produced from Negroamaro grapes with an ancient technique called “Lacrima“. And then the savory, fresh and seductive white wines obtained from native vines such as Fiano and Verdeca and a classic grape Chardonnay that here in Salento can express itself to its fullest. Buy and taste the wines of Salento, the best wines of Italy at the best price. Welcome to Salento, welcome to Salentowineshop.

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